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Brokaw Signs Off


As much disdain I have for the Mainstream Media, I have to admit that I will miss having Tom Brokaw around. He was a nightly staple in my house gowing up for many years and the amount of time I have watched Peter Jennings and Dan Rather combined over the same time and since can be measured by a couple of one-minute egg timers.

Some of my earliest memories of sitting on the floor of the family living room building wicked spaceships out of LEGOs involve watching NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw: Reagan’s 1984 landslide, the Challenger disaster, Gulf War I and so on.

While he wasn’t the perfect example of complete objectivity (no one really is), he was significantly better than the snobbish Jennings and light-years ahead of the insufferable Rather. To me, he always seemed to be a calming presence and he didn’t inject additional melodrama during heated times. Best of luck after 32 years and thanks for stopping by every night around 5:30 to give us the lowdown.