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Had Enough Racism? Here Come the Feminists.


As I tried mightily to slog through this diatribe about how wickedly misogynistic Hillary is being treated, I stopped immediately upon reading this:

“I pinpoint sexism for a living. You’d think I’d be able to find an example. And I hate to rely on this hokey notion that there’s some woman’s way of knowing, and that I just fucking know. But I do. I just know.”

Well, well. Of course you just know. That’s what you do for a living. If you couldn’t find it, you wouldn’t eat. See also: self-licking ice cream cone.

Another gem:

“The whole ‘Hillary Clinton is a monster’ theme is so virulent.”

Really? Like a virus? No chance whatsoever that her complete lack of integrity has anything to do with it? Or this:

“They’re busy patting themselves on the back for supporting a black man: Aren’t we cool?”

Remember, and file this away because it will come up again if Hillary “wins” the nomination: They are talking about Democrats here. Original link via Instapundit.