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Hey...move That Deck Chair a Little to the Right, the Line for the Lifeboats Is Blocking the Good Light


Clinton Advisor Mandy Grunwald:

“If a female candidate, the first successful one in history, goes into the convention leading in the popular vote and it’s taken away from her, how do you think women are going to feel, heading into the November election?”

A few thoughts:

  1. Ummm, not half as bad as the reaction if the first African-American candidate–with a lead in pledged delegates, is told to pound sand.
  2. “Taken away from her”…the sense of entitlement exhibited by the Clinton camp from day 1 never ceases to amaze.
  3. Clinton delegate wrangler Harold Ickes, to Reuters in January: “It’s useful to win states, but states don’t vote – delegates do”
  4. Ickes today on Meet the Press: “the popular vote is a very, very strong measure and should be weighed heavily.” Iceberg? What iceberg?