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Unhappy July 4th


A smattering of some of the things I saw posted this Independence Day:

A dumb tweet by a very smart guy, Dr. Drang:

Because we prefer to fund defense contractors, the Higgs boson gets discovered at CERN instead of a US national lab. Happy 4th, everyone!

Rare that a big-brained dude such as Drang would commit such a logical cause-and-effect fallacy. But of course we funded the defense department at the expense of our own national labs that it should go without saying and be tweeted without evidence. Don’t tell the education establishment that they you are encroaching on their “bake sale for a bomber” argument because they lay claim to that money too.

Jeffrey Zeldman has a “July Fourth Message” that consists of:

Happy ordinary day to my friends in Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Andorra…[snip about 200+ other countries listed alphabetically and ending with]…Zambia, And Zimbabwe.

Not one to partake in any American exceptionalism, Zeldman has to give a trophy to all the other kids on the playground too. Of course, more than a few countries on his list can owe their “ordinary” days to the fact that we had our extraordinary one on July 4, 1776.