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In a discussion a few days ago, I mentioned the myriad of reasons why I will not vote for Obama—besides the obvious one being that I must be racist. I thought about making a list. And now I don’t have to since National Review took care of it: 689 Reasons to Defeat Barack Obama.

It’s a great list. About 35 are all I need, including:

12. For claiming that he would cut the deficit in half.
13. And then adding more than $5 trillion in new debt.
14. To remind him that debt used to be, in his own words, “unpatriotic.” 28. Because “jobs created or saved” is Enron accounting.
207. Separation of powers
258. He considers the Warren Court to have been a failure because it did not achieve “redistribution of wealth.”
259. And because “it didn’t break free from the essential constraints that were placed by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution,” a.k.a. the Constitution.
517. “When you spread the wealth around it’s good for everybody.”
576. The TSA touches our junk.

Etc. etc.

The number 689 is a bit misleading. There are at least six entries that consists solely of “Joe Biden.” Which is probably about right. There was one item I disagreed with:

427. Expanding combat roles for women.

I have no problem with this at all. If woman can meet the standard, then they should be able to perform the mission, whatever it is and regardless how “dangerous” it may be. 1 No war on woman here, folks.

  1. This would obviously include registering for Selective Service.