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Random list of things I have been dorking around with. Or, my ever-growing collection of Instapaper articles, starred Reeder items, Tweetbot favs, and Pinboard links that rapidly fills whatever time is available to actually do something useful.

  • I supported Chris Coyier’s redesign project on Kickstarter and have a lot of excellent web design and development screencasts to catch up on.
  • Get smarter on Git
  • Ditto for Sass
  • Same goes for the Terminal: bash, dotfiles, etc
  • Finding nifty packages for Sublime Text 2
  • Should I go all in with Keyboard Maestro?
  • Toying with learning either Python or Ruby
  • Investigating the new web dev app, Hammer
  • Playing a bit too much Tilt to Live on the iPhone
  • I left Things for OmniFocus…is 2Do app next?

What I really need to be doing is figuring out the Liquid tempting system that Octopress is built on, so I can change it. But I need some more links for that.