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Things Worth Paying For


Ben Brooks had a link to Thomas Brand’s post about buying a Bond Watch:

With the exception of my computers, I own very little in the line of luxury. I do not own a car, my TV has always been small, my home is just an apartment on a busy street. I bought my Bond Watch because it is the best I could afford, and hope it lasts long.

One of my most treasured possessions is a Rolex GMT Master II (16710). I purchased it brand new in 1998, and have worn it nearly non-stop since 1. It has literally been around the world a few times and while the bracelet shows its years, the crystal is still flawless. I could barely afford it then, when I was young and single, and most certainly couldn’t today—it would cost nearly three times what I paid fourteen years ago.

Rolex GMT Master II Watch

Of all the things I own, this watch is the one object that makes me smile knowing that one day it will belong to my son.

  1. When I’m not, it’s a Swiss Army Maverick II, a Christmas gift from the lovely wife, or I’m running and it’s a Timex something or another.