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How Well Do We Know Baseball's Rules? »


A ten-question quiz about the rules of baseball. Sam Fuld, Stanford grad, collaborated with his dad:

“It was humiliating,” he said, with a laugh that suggested he’d get over that humiliation somehow. “I would have done better if I’d closed my eyes and picked randomly. It’s pathetic to think that my three-year-old son could have done better than that.

“If you questioned about a hundred five-year-olds, they’d get five out of 10,” the Rays’ human highlight reel said, dejectedly. “And my dad and I got a three.”

I scored (read: guessed) a 5, beating 8 of 20 players, 3 of 7 sportswriters, and tying 2 of 5 managers.

I’m in the wrong business.