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Borderlands 2


Whirrrrrr, click. Does this thing still work? Coming up on a year since my last post, hopefully I remember all the geekery involved in making a simple text file get published here.

One big reason for the absence was last summer I learned about Steam, and their famous Summer Sales. I have dabbled with video games off and on over the years – Age of Empires and other RTS games. It was a discounted copy of Civilization V that I got in some Mac software bundle that actually introduced me to Steam.

So I was browsing around looking for other games that were Mac compatible and would run on my then-three-year old Mac Book Pro. And I stumbled upon Borderlands 2.

Turn out the lights, see you later. What an amazing video game. Terrific story, addictive and just fun to play. Huge game world with tons of stuff to do. It’s marketed as a co-op shooter, but I have played it for over 500 hours solo.

I have other reasons why I have lets this site go dormant for nearly a year, but Borderlands 2 is by far the best one.