About Your Humble Author


Neal Sheeran is a 36-year old “government employee” currently living in South Korea. He is fully aware that you don’t really care about his hobbies, interests or favorite color. However, he does want you to know that, ever since his 6th grade music teacher did it, he thinks that people who talk about themselves in the third person are pretentious blowhards.

You could possibly interpret "government employee" to mean a member of the military. A hypothetical rationale for such an interpretation could be that if a much higher ranking “government employee”, specifically the elected kind, were to say or do something monumentally idiotic, I would probably have something to say about it. And I probably wouldn’t be very nice. Somehow I’m not sure the standard “views expressed here do not reflect…” disclaimer will cut it.

Got something to say? Bitches, gripes and complaints? Send me an . Your email address won’t be published, I hate spam as much as you do. I’ll consider the message itself private and not for publication, unless you say something monumentally idiotic. In that case, I may check with you first.


This is version 3.0 of my blog, originally started in September of 2002. It is worth mentioning that version 2.0 was pretty lame in terms of design and very thin in terms of content. There was some halfway decent stuff in version one, but my cat ate the backup file. Bottom line: you haven’t missed much.

What kind of things can you expect to see here? Maybe a little about computers, technology and web design, pithy commentary on current events, links to smart people with interesting things to say, and dumb people finding new stupid things to do. In general, any instances of buffonery, ass-clownery and behavior that should result in getting whistled out of the gene pool are fair game. Sarcasm and ridicule should be abundant.


Updates will hopefully not be as sporadic as before. No promises, though—my procrastination skills know no bounds.

And for Pete’s Sake…Why?

Because all the cool kids are doing it.


The current re-design was started in May 2006. My first draft was quickly abandoned due to issues trying to get the fluid layout to work. Also, the color scheme pretty much sucked.

After doing some more web design homework, I started over again with a simple layout, ditched any superfluous bells and whistles and concentrated on the typography. The design was tweaked, left alone when I got distracted by something shiny, and then tweaked some more over the next nine months (I told you I could procrastinate.) The tweaking will continue until moral improves.

The header image text is ITC Conduit Medium SC. Body text is set in Segoe or Corbel for those of a Windows persuasion and Lucida Grande for all of you Mac types. Headlines and dates are set in Constantia or Georgia, due to the nifty old style figures.

This site is hosted by the mighty fine folks at Hosting Matters and the squirrels that make it go came from Movable Type. Pop-up image whizbangery courtesy of Lightbox.

Various tools used to create this site:

This site was built using XHTML and CSS. If it doesn’t validate, I probably won’t lose too much sleep over it.