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iPad App Wishlist


I use my iPad to read a lot of stuff. Everyday I pick it up and open a bunch of apps and use some sort of refresh mechanism to refresh, download, etc. And since my workplace doesn’t have Wifi, and I don’t have a 3G iPad, in the morning before I head out, I have to do that multiple times.

I would pay a not-insignificant amount of money for an single app that I could open up and it would refresh Reeder, Tweetbot, Mail, Facebook, Instapaper, Longform, Readability, Flipboard, etc. One button…then take a shower, get dressed and the iPad is ready to go for hours of reading at work. Ahem, I mean when I’m on a plane or something.

I’m pretty sure even the capability to do this doesn’t exist in iOS, but I would be a happy camper if it did. If every text editing app can incorporate Text Expander snippets, surely this is in the realm of possibility.

I’m serious. I would pay serious coin for this timesaver.